Trusted to protect life science products that provide care, improve health and save lives.

We are a global technology provider to the life sciences industry, providing innovative packaging solutions and complementary products and services. We drive our customers’ success by delivering the best total value by combining superior quality and customer support, and the most efficient technology.

About Nelipak Healthcare Packaging

Serving healthcare customers across the globe for more than 50 years through the delivery of packaging solutions that can be relied upon.

Achieving service excellence & superior quality through product innovation, collaborative partnerships, customer engagement and defect-free packaging solutions.

We are packaging professionals that are leading the way in developing innovative solutions and scientific advancements for premium quality healthcare packaging materials across the globe.

We actively collaborate with our customers to understand their business requirements and to effectively design and deliver technologically superior, reliable and trusted packaging solutions with a competitive edge.

We have a proven track record for delivering on our commitments, lowering risk, reducing uncertainty and providing added value for your healthcare packaging requirements.

Healthcare Packaging

We Offer

Technologically advanced healthcare packaging solutions that competitively position our clients’ products.

Heat Seal
Coating Technology

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Medical Device

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Outsourcing & Testing Services

In addition to designing and delivering the best possible solution for your product, we also provide expert advice and technical assistance. Through industry knowledge and technological expertise, we provide added value at each stage of a project to effectively solve problems, overcome challenges and help our customers to save time, cost and increase productivity.

The relationships we hold with our customers are based on partnerships and trust.

Markets We Serve

Our business partnerships are built upon helping our clients successfully build their brands, sell their healthcare products and deliver them successfully to market. Our team of experts offer decades of industry experience and understand the unique challenges within each specific market we serve.

Heat Seal Coating Technology

Heat Seal Coating Technology

The most innovative supplier in the healthcare packaging industry

Medical Device Packaging

Trusted protection and performance for medical devices

Combination Packaging

combination packaging

Absolute protection for challenging combination drug/device products

Diagnostic Packaging

BHP Europe diagnostic-packaging

Proven solutions for in vitro diagnostics, biologics & laboratory products

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Global Reach

We are a global provider that can deliver all major packaging formats used in healthcare packaging. Based in Ireland and the UK, we are strategically positioned to serve our international customer base. As a solutions provider, we can supply whatever your application requires.

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