Transportation Testing

Our team can provide testing to customers for a transportation study required to meet regulatory requirements such as ISO 11607 for medical devices and provide detailed reports on the performance of the package. These Transportation simulation tests mimic real-life situations which packaging can encounter during its distribution cycle to ensure your packaging layout keeps your products safe from your manufacturing site to the end user. It can also provide data needed for a medical packaging validation to identify the suitability of the sterile barrier system to survive the transit it undergoes. Our Transportation Testing services are carried out to current ASTM & ISTA Standards.

Drop Testing ASTM D5276

Drop Testing evaluates the:

  • Capability of a container to withstand the sudden shock resulting force from a free fall
  • Capability of a container and its inner packaging to protect the contents
drop testing
A male Bemis Healthcare Packaging Europe employee carrying out compression-testing

Compression Testing ASTM D4577, ASTM D642

Compression Testing simulates Vehicle / Warehouse stacking forces based on the mass and dimensions of the samples. The test measures the ability of the containers to resist external compressive loads.

Fixed Displacement Vibration ASTM D999

Test specimens are subjected to a constant fixed vibration frequency, to stimulate repetitive shocks encountered during transportation.

Random Vibration ASTM D4728

Test specimens are subjected to random vibrations and varying frequencies to simulate truck, air and rail transport.

A male Bemis Healthcare Packaging Europe employee carrying out vibration-testing
high altitude simulation testing

High Altitude Simulation ASTM D6653

Simulates the effects of high altitude / low pressure exposure during travel by non-pressurised aircraft or over mountain passes. The packaging systems are subjected to a controlled vacuum. Required only where packages are sensitive to low pressure i.e. non porous materials.

Concentrated Impact Testing ASTM D6344

Concentrated Impact Testing evaluates the ability of lightweight single wall corrugated shipping containers to resist concentrated low level impacts.


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