Downgauge with Nelipak Healthcare Packaging

Our proprietary processes permit us to make thinner, stronger materials. As you thin out the material, the environmental and economic impacts become dramatic.

We have developed a “Downgauge Calculator,” so you can actually see both the environmental and economic impact you will realise as you downgauge with Nelipak Healthcare Packaging. Contact us for a demonstration.

downgauge with BHP europe

Improve the environment

​Nelipak ICE® forming films are so much stronger then alternative offerings that our customers can typically downgauge up to 30%, creating dramatic environmental impact.

Improve the operations

Fewer roll changes, faster production, fewer pallets and less material movement will improve your operation’s throughput and efficiency.

Improve the bottom line

Not only will your material costs be less, but you will also save on freight, warehousing and disposal.  Thinner materials from Nelipak Healthcare Packaging can save you a lot of money.

Lean Methodologies

Impact of Product Lifecycle

Nelipak’ ICE® forming films improve life cycle impact by minimizing environmental footprint throughout the entire supply chain.

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Heat Seal Coating Technology

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